Claudia Martínez Sánchez

Violations of the human rights of the indigenous people of Coyomeapan, in the Sierra Negra region of Puebla

The work as a human right defender

The boundaries of these actions to illegality are blurred and so all the oppression and fraud is difficult to prove. The game becomes reality. But the game is based on lies, on slander - but ultimately it is a game of power.

The work of a human rights defender is not a game, it is something serious that hangs life by a thread - her freedom, the safety of the journalist. Her work as an artist also shows us in paintings and in a documentary film the human rights violations of the indigenous people of Coyomeapan.

On May 9, 2022, the government of Luis Miguel Barbosa ordered the extrajudicial executions of the indigenous minor Omar Herrera Raymundo, only 15 years old, and two other villagers in the community of Cobatzalco.

Saturday, 24.06.2023
5pm Berlin/ 9am Mexico City
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The Book

There is a book of Caludia that will be publshed soon...