The HOMO LUDENS project

The speculation in the spectacle
- the game as a brief frenzy of liberty
so: make a perfect circle

The gambling man has gambled away everything:
the planet, his own identity, his future and above all his ability to imagine his future....

Now it is time to think of the future: unlearn the logic!
Experience the world beyond rules, formulas, numbers and codes

How it all started:
In his letters "On the Aesthetic Education of Man", Friedrich Schiller already emphasised the importance of play and spoke out against the specialisation and mechanisation of life's processes.

Later, Herbert Marcuse, in his 1967 work "One-Dimensional Man", also criticised the predominance of "instrumental reason" in industrial societies and the accompanying restriction of lifestyle and culture, which no longer leaves room for wholeness, personality development and autonomous self-development.

The subject of alienation then became more and more explosive among thinkers and only now are we slowly realising the consequences of this process in our daily lives.

The participating artists:

We - a total of eight artists from Neukölln (4) and Mexico City (4) - come from a wide variety of media. This time, too, we were able to do something with this year's festival theme and discovered that there were many connections between our individual proposals/works for the festival. It is these cross-connections in our works that we are particularly interested in and we would like to go through/discuss/explain this with our audience. So we invite you with our own programme: workshops, lectures, screenings, zoom-talks and exhibition...