Jose Flores Castillo

The smile in a face

Title: The smile

Title: I believe that with my paintings I can cause a reaction between confusion and surprise in the viewer, like little jokes in the eyes.

My paintings are actually objects, because they have a three-dimensional effect.
I play a game of the true against the true, not only because my works are hyper-realistic, but also because my work includes not only the representation of real animals, hybrids, but also because I paint extinct species. At the moment the subject of fish is important to me, because some species are threatened with extinction.
In my personal opinion, play is to joke, to laugh and play is to share our ability and talent, to work in a community, to exchange opinions and values.
Play is the better way to learn, to win and to lose, and the playground a safe place where our speech, our opinions are preserved with respect and joy - through respect and love.