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    small talks lectures    
      special guest: M.J.Covini, How to drop information  
      special guest: M.J.Covini, La disolución del Orden  
      special guest: Moena Joy Dada Weiss  
      special guest: Karl Ingar Roys  
      special guest: Tanja-Bianca Schmidt  
      special guest: Jolanta Klyszcz  
special guest: Guadalupe Aguilar
      special guest: Juanpablo Avendaño Ávila  
      special guest: Hector Bialostozky  
      special guest: Jorge Buch, Como Continuar, Gua  
      special guest: M.J.Covini, Post Happiness Glasgow  

special guest: M.J.Covini, Post Happiness London

special guest: David Goldenberg, The Historical..

special guest: M.J.Covini, These Things...

special guest: Dr.Christophe Kotanyi, Die Zahll Null

      special guest: M.J.Covini, Time and Presence  
      special guest: Henrik Nolte, Dramaturgie  
      special guest: Dr.Axel Roch, Ambiguitaet  
      special guest: Dr.Christophe Kotanyi, Simulation  
special guest: Dr.Christophe Kotanyi, Systeme
special guest: Dr.Christophe Kotayni, Universum
special guest: Roberto de la Torre

special guest: Magali Avila

special guest: Casa Cakchiquel
special guest: Anna Gatjal
special guest: Tanja Schmidt
      special guest: Manuel Clemens  
    small talks    
      with Jill Daniels 19.10.2020  
      with Ola Eibl 20.09.2020  
      with Sandra Becker 29.07.2020  
      with Astrid Menze 15.07.2020  
      with Tanja-Bianca Schmidt 14.07.2020  
      with Thomas Zetzmann 8.06.2020  
      with Jamie Shi 1.05.2020  
      with Tom Dransfield 16.04.2020  
with Victor Manuel Rondon 16.03.2020
with Silvia Michel Acosta 14.03.2020
      with Dory Perdomo 7.03.2020  
      with Ricardo Santiago 23.02.2020  
      with Guadalupe Aguilar 15.02.2020  
      with Miguel Pedroza 31.01.2020  
      with Arjan Guerrero 24.01.2020  
      with Ramon Riera 3.01.2020  
      with Manuel Vargas 20.12.2019  
      with Jorge Arturo Vargas 15.12.2019  
      with Laura Reséndiz 22.11.2019  
      with Moena Joy Dada Weiss 26.09.2019  
      with Tanja_Bianca Schmidt 16.06.2019  
      with Jorge Buch 31.01.2019  
      with Dante  29.01.2019  
      with Susanna Riedl 19.01.2019  
      with Stephen Wright 19.01.2018  
      with Joao Fernandes 19.01.2019  
      with Miguel Jara 15.12.2018  
      with Clara M. Carcedo 1.12.2018  
      with Bazon Brock 6.11.2018  
      with Bazon Brock 10.10.2018  
      with Dan Rees 6.10.2018  
      with Gareth Bell-Jones 6.10.2018  
      with Urs Jaeggi 19.09.2018  
      with Nezaket Ekici 24.07.2018  
      with Lioba von Driesch 19.07.2018  
      with Sally Tallant 16.07.2018  
      with Micheal Dressel 22.06.2018  
      with Sandra Becker 20.06.2018  
      with David Goldenberg  28.05 2018  
      with Frank Schaepel 21.05.2018  
      with Arjan Guerrero 7.03.2018  
      with Omar Ocampo 9.02.2018  
      with Henrik Nolte 29.11.2017  
      with Axel Roch 22.11.2017  
      with Dr.Christian Ankowitsch 26.10.2017  
      with Henning Sußebach 26.10.2017  
      with Anke Plättner 26.10.2017  
      with Nathaniel Sullivan 14.09.2017  
      with Susan Himmelweit 13.09.2017  
      with Beral Madra 18.08.2017  
      with Jose Cosme 21.05.2017  
      with Nina Dotti 21.05.2017  
      with Tylor Mallison 24,04.2017  
      with Emilia Izquierdo 24.04.2017  
      with Jangh Lambourelle 22.02.2017  
      with Christophe Kotanyi 15.10.2016  
      with Axel Roch 15.10.2016  
      with John Koster 15.10.2016  
      with Michael Schwarz 15.10.2016  
      with Timm Ulrichs 30.08.2016  
      with Benita Piechaczek 25.08.2016  
      with Ellen Blumenstein 10.05.2016  
      with Marek Tuszynski 9.05.2016  
      with Stephanie Hankey 9.05.2016  
      with Bazon Brock 28.04.2016  
      with Joaquin Segura 25.02.2016  
      with Julien Devaux 25.02.2016  
      with Anuar Maauad 12.02.2016  
      with Miguel Monroy 12.02.2016  
      with Bjoern Melhus 6.02.2016  
      with Ruben Dario Obregon  
      with Ruben Dario Obregon  
      with Ruben Dario Obregon 24.11.2015  
      with Marko Fenske 25.10.2015  
      with Andreas Koch 14.10.2015  
      with Dominik Lejman 15.09.2015  
      with Maik Schierloh 21.08.2015  
      with Johann Nowak 14.08.2015  
with Karola Matschke 9.07.2015
with Nezaket Ekici 2.05.2015
with Ryan Gander 6.02.2015
with Lucia Sanroman 3.02.2015
with Danna Levin Rojo 31.01.2015
with Carin Kuoni 24.01.2015
with Gabriel Santamarina 27.01.2015
with Norman Bryson 17.01.2015
with Dick Verdult 27.11.2014
with Joep van Liefland 21.09.2014
with Thomas Olbricht 9.10.2014
with Andrzej Raszyk 4.05.2014
      with Arjan Guerreo  22.03.2014  
with Francis Alys 15.02.2014
with Harun Farocki 15.02.2014
with Antje Ehmann 15.02.2014
      with Dick Verdult 16.12.2013  
with Joep van Liefland 29.09.2013
with Rosemary Shirley 21.09.2013
      with Allistar Robinson 21.09.2013  
with Timm Ulrichs 16.09.2013
      with Mark Harvey 15.09.2013  
to be continued...