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                          48h Neukoelln Festival 2022 - oficial Art Space Lab:
                          The Method of the Moment
                          group show
                          24. -26.06.2022, Berlin Neuköoelln
                          Festivaltheme: Kafayı yemek / Ich esse meinen Kopf / I eat my head

                          Riding the Storm - project for UNLIKELY, journal for Creative arts, Australia

                          smalltalks mobil: guerilla-public lecture performance: "Blowing a Horn"
                          Gardini, Venice
                          Thursday 19.05.2022, location on request

                          openStudio at Gallery Weekend Berlin
                          Title: Some new works on an old theme
                          30. April - 1.May 2022
                          location on request

                          Hommage a Matthias Gruenewald

                          Song of the Echo
                          Virtual Immersive Exhibition: the problem is, a human is only this big
                          based on a commissioned text by Gabriel Santamarina (MX)

                          curated by Yeah Totally Ltd
                          Thursday 28 of April 2022

                          New Horns are blowing with the Wind
                          Nuevos cuernos soplando con el viento
                          OCSN Gallery
                          Calle Colima 108, Roma Norte, CDMX
                          project by Juanpablo Avendaño Avila
                March 7: lecture performance "Introduction on Number 7"
                          March 17: lecture performance "Introduction on Number 17"

                          El Eco, CDMX,    Sábado 15 de enero, 2022 - postponed due to Covid
                          Gabriel Santamarina. La danza de la Consciencia Crepuscular
                          Vestuario: Manuela Johanna Covini
                          more information

                          hyphen journal, issue 3 - January 2022: The New Village Project - I have to change my life, an experience
                          10 March 2022
                           Ambika P3           
                           35 Marylebone Road
                           London NW1 5LS

                          openStudio - 13.02.2022
                          lecture performance: The Fetish in the Spectacle
                          by invitation

                          smalltalk mobil, 12.02.2022
                          screening: NewHorns are blowing with the wind

                          presentation at Galeria BOCA, CDMX
                          "New Horns are blowing with the wind" - cancelled due to Covid