Gabriel Santamarina



The divine game as cosmic manifestation

The whole multi-universe, made of dark energy, dark matter and atoms, displays its image as the fabulous divine game being played within and without us, at this very moment. Each universe is a tiny bubble inside the Absolute Ocean of the Universal Mother. All the bubbles are connected to each other by the black holes, and they all create a net that embraces the ever-expanding playful creation of light and shadow, moving in a never ending spiral dance.

In the Chāndogya Upanishad (VIII.12), the incorporeal Spirit is described as “laughing, playing and pleasing Itself”, while in the Maitri Upanishad (v.1), “the universal Spirit, universal Creator, universal Enjoyer, universal Life”, is also the universal Lord of game and pleasure”, in which S/He takes part without being moved, being in Peace with Itself.”

In the Vedanta philosophy, that game is called Līlā, and in order to expand our understanding of nature and cosmos and accept the tragedy and adversity inherent to It, we will attempt to use such concept as our guiding light for our work in this life.


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