Homo Ludens Project

The game is a brief frenzy of freedom
some remarks on red

Participating Artists

Name Title Link
Liz Exit Strategy xxxxx
Gabriel Lila aaaa
Jose The smile in the face bbbbb
Thomas Das Spiel des Bewusstseins uuuu
Juanpablo Ein Skizzenbuch tttttt
Manuela Ein Spektakel 29.99
Herrera Das Dorf iiiiiiii
Claudia El penal ooooo
Tom Pitches mmmm
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some remarks on red

A game is a brief frenzy of freedom
but our playground - the world is burning on every corner.
The global order is out of joint.
It is time to prepare for the future.
But everywhere, "cultural humanity" is oriented
towards the barbaric seriousness
of war...

The gambling man has gambled away everything: the planet, his own identity, his future and above all his ability to imagine a future.

In his letters "On the Aesthetic Education of Man", Friedrich Schiller already emphasised the importance of play and spoke out against the specialisation and mechanisation of life's processes.

Through games to a new horizone

Later, Herbert Marcuse, in his 1967 work "One-Dimensional Man", also criticised the predominance of "instrumental reason" in industrial societies and the accompanying restriction of lifestyle and culture, which no longer leaves room for wholeness, personality development and autonomous self-development.

The subject of alienation then became more and more explosive among thinkers and only now are we slowly realising the consequences of this process in our daily lives. We - the participating artists have some thoughts about it:

  • Liz Dawson
  • Jose Flores Castillo
  • Gabriel Santamarina
  • Thomas Zetzmann
  • Juanpablo Avendano Avila
  • Claudia Martinez Sanchez
  • Manuela Johanna Covini
  • Tom Dransfeld